CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

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Bitcoin logo Bitcoin-1.19%
Ethereum logo Ethereum-5.74%
XRP logo XRP-6.88%
Bitcoin Cash logo Bitcoin Cash-6.05%
EOS logo EOS-6.54%
Stellar logo Stellar6.81%
Litecoin logo Litecoin-5.79%
Cardano logo Cardano-1.82%
IOTA logo IOTA-5.81%
Tether logo Tether0.12%
TRON logo TRON-5.34%
NEO logo NEO-7.18%
Monero logo Monero-4.20%
Dash logo Dash-1.42%
Ethereum Classic logo Ethereum Classic-4.55%
NEM logo NEM-2.26%
Tezos logo Tezos-5.03%
Binance Coin logo Binance Coin-5.81%
OmiseGO logo OmiseGO-3.37%
VeChain logo VeChain-7.43%
Zcash logo Zcash-6.36%
Qtum logo Qtum-3.53%
Bitcoin Diamond logo Bitcoin Diamond97.25%
0x logo 0x-5.37%
Decred logo Decred-0.01%
Bytecoin logo Bytecoin-6.34%
Zilliqa logo Zilliqa-7.56%
Lisk logo Lisk-4.54%
ICON logo ICON-11.01%
Ontology logo Ontology-6.28%
BitShares logo BitShares-9.38%
Bitcoin Gold logo Bitcoin Gold-0.28%
DigiByte logo DigiByte-2.61%
Aeternity logo Aeternity-7.44%
Siacoin logo Siacoin-0.40%
Maker logo Maker-4.85%
Steem logo Steem-6.39%
Dogecoin logo Dogecoin6.99%
Verge logo Verge-5.28%
Nano logo Nano-9.62%
Bytom logo Bytom-0.27%
Basic Attention Token logo Basic Attention Token-4.87%
Augur logo Augur-4.76%
Golem logo Golem1.37%
Pundi X logo Pundi X-9.67%
Waves logo Waves-5.31%
Stratis logo Stratis-7.08%
Waltonchain logo Waltonchain-9.80%
KuCoin Shares logo KuCoin Shares-5.18%
Status logo Status-6.00%
RChain logo RChain-1.61%
Populous logo Populous-6.16%
Wanchain logo Wanchain-12.24%
Hshare logo Hshare-1.25%
Mixin logo Mixin-5.70%
Ardor logo Ardor25.52%
Mithril logo Mithril-8.98%
IOST logo IOST-5.32%
DigixDAO logo DigixDAO-6.90%
GXChain logo GXChain5.85%
Aion logo Aion-13.04%
MaidSafeCoin logo MaidSafeCoin-1.06%
aelf logo aelf-3.40%
Komodo logo Komodo-3.89%
Bitcoin Private logo Bitcoin Private-0.23%
Huobi Token logo Huobi Token-6.48%
Loopring logo Loopring-11.30%
MOAC logo MOAC-3.22%
Nebulas logo Nebulas-6.59%
Ark logo Ark-3.57%
FunFair logo FunFair-6.21%
MonaCoin logo MonaCoin-2.24%
Power Ledger logo Power Ledger-11.87%
Kyber Network logo Kyber Network-1.86%
ReddCoin logo ReddCoin1.56%
Loom Network logo Loom Network-13.92%
Kin logo Kin2.98%
Emercoin logo Emercoin0.55%
WAX logo WAX-10.55%
Dentacoin logo Dentacoin-1.73%
Cryptonex logo Cryptonex3.53%
TenX logo TenX-7.45%
Gas logo Gas-6.49%
Decentraland logo Decentraland-10.47%
MCO logo MCO-9.53%
Bancor logo Bancor-5.33%
PIVX logo PIVX-0.54%
CyberMiles logo CyberMiles-8.92%
ZenCash logo ZenCash-1.15%
Polymath logo Polymath-5.17%
Dropil logo Dropil-5.43%
QASH logo QASH0.03%
Enigma logo Enigma-9.19%
Factom logo Factom-0.29%
Ethos logo Ethos-8.80%
Nuls logo Nuls-9.81%
Paypex logo Paypex-6.06%
Substratum logo Substratum-7.57%
Veritaseum logo Veritaseum-10.95%
Gifto logo Gifto-11.69%
Theta Token logo Theta Token-7.42%
Elastos logo Elastos-13.44%
SmartCash logo SmartCash-0.34%
Nxt logo Nxt-0.39%
Nexus logo Nexus1.08%
Syscoin logo Syscoin-4.36%
ZCoin logo ZCoin-2.13%
Electroneum logo Electroneum-3.52%
Cortex logo Cortex-7.68%
Dragonchain logo Dragonchain-0.16%
SALT logo SALT-13.26%
Storm logo Storm-7.89%
Byteball Bytes logo Byteball Bytes-4.13%
ChainLink logo ChainLink-7.37%
High Performance Blockchain logo High Performance Blockchain-0.10%
TrueUSD logo TrueUSD0.12% logo
Bibox Token logo Bibox Token-6.14%
Centrality logo Centrality-14.42%
Fusion logo Fusion-0.37%
Noah Coin logo Noah Coin-1.60% logo
WaykiChain logo WaykiChain-2.46%
Santiment Network Token logo Santiment Network Token-1.41%
Metaverse ETP logo Metaverse ETP-5.25%
Civic logo Civic-4.15%
CyberVein logo CyberVein-11.44%
Matrix AI Network logo Matrix AI Network-10.51%
Skycoin logo Skycoin-7.76%
Storj logo Storj-1.97%
Iconomi logo Iconomi-3.30%
ODEM logo ODEM8.06%
Blocknet logo Blocknet-0.69%
TokenPay logo TokenPay-7.22%
iExec RLC logo iExec RLC-5.63%
Neblio logo Neblio6.64%
Nucleus Vision logo Nucleus Vision-6.16%
BitcoinDark logo BitcoinDark-2.03%
Bluzelle logo Bluzelle-10.59%
SingularityNET logo SingularityNET1.71%
Holo logo Holo-3.04%
Gnosis logo Gnosis-0.29%
DeepBrain Chain logo DeepBrain Chain-4.41%
Particl logo Particl-0.30%
MediShares logo MediShares-8.07%
Request Network logo Request Network2.90%
PRIZM logo PRIZM-4.45%
Dai logo Dai3.79%
Revain logo Revain-5.12%
Time New Bank logo Time New Bank-6.84%
SmartMesh logo SmartMesh2.80%
BnkToTheFuture logo BnkToTheFuture-19.17%
Vertcoin logo Vertcoin10.01%
Ignis logo Ignis2.35%
THEKEY logo THEKEY-3.84%
Groestlcoin logo Groestlcoin11.81%
Ubiq logo Ubiq8.82%
Achain logo Achain-7.17%
TaTaTu logo TaTaTu-3.97%
Nexty logo Nexty-4.54%
Quantstamp logo Quantstamp-4.75%
Nexo logo Nexo-8.80%
Cindicator logo Cindicator-4.67%
Enjin Coin logo Enjin Coin-7.05%
Aragon logo Aragon-5.90%
Streamr DATAcoin logo Streamr DATAcoin-8.78%
Ruff logo Ruff-8.85%
Ambrosus logo Ambrosus-5.61%
SONM logo SONM-9.46%
KickCoin logo KickCoin15.64%
CRYPTO20 logo CRYPTO203.76%
Bottos logo Bottos-6.77%
Docademic logo Docademic-8.54%
Asch logo Asch-3.90%
Raiden Network Token logo Raiden Network Token-1.50%
DigitalNote logo DigitalNote-2.96%
Safe Exchange Coin logo Safe Exchange Coin-8.15%
Pillar logo Pillar4.43%
Arcblock logo Arcblock-8.54%
True Chain logo True Chain-7.72%
Dynamic Trading Rights logo Dynamic Trading Rights-6.07% logo
GoChain logo GoChain-12.98%
POA Network logo POA Network-9.18%
SIRIN LABS Token logo SIRIN LABS Token-3.39%
DEW logo DEW-8.45%
Cube logo Cube-2.44%
BLOCKv logo BLOCKv-1.50%
Dent logo Dent-10.58%
ZClassic logo ZClassic-3.97%
eosDAC logo eosDAC-8.64%
Tao logo Tao-1.60%
Bread logo Bread-8.66%
Bitcoin Interest logo Bitcoin Interest-7.21%
Genaro Network logo Genaro Network-4.82%
Credits logo Credits-11.01%
Peercoin logo Peercoin0.62%
SophiaTX logo SophiaTX-5.44%
Telcoin logo Telcoin-3.00%
BOScoin logo BOScoin-8.41%
Aston logo Aston-6.32%
Odyssey logo Odyssey-6.35%
GameCredits logo GameCredits-1.41%
WhiteCoin logo WhiteCoin17.54%
IHT Real Estate Protocol logo IHT Real Estate Protocol-2.31%
Storiqa logo Storiqa-5.48%
Metal logo Metal-4.06%
Primecoin logo Primecoin-1.08%
bitCNY logo bitCNY0.55%
Mainframe logo Mainframe-10.72%
All Sports logo All Sports-4.15%
Genesis Vision logo Genesis Vision-11.72%
Tokenomy logo Tokenomy-2.05%
Edgeless logo Edgeless-1.42%
EDUCare logo EDUCare-5.91%
BridgeCoin logo BridgeCoin-1.39%
ETHLend logo ETHLend-5.24%
FairCoin logo FairCoin-2.82%
BitBay logo BitBay-1.50%
LGO Exchange logo LGO Exchange-2.63%
Trade Token logo Trade Token-4.70%
Red Pulse logo Red Pulse-7.11%
Soarcoin logo Soarcoin-1.80%
IoTeX logo IoTeX-7.42%
Eidoo logo Eidoo-5.54%
AdEx logo AdEx-3.95%
Burst logo Burst-2.48%
Einsteinium logo Einsteinium-0.97%
QuarkChain logo QuarkChain-6.79%
IoT Chain logo IoT Chain-4.82%
OriginTrail logo OriginTrail-3.06%
Jibrel Network logo Jibrel Network2.31%
NavCoin logo NavCoin-3.86%
Ink logo Ink0.29%
Crypterium logo Crypterium-8.26%
Endor Protocol logo Endor Protocol3.25%
Unobtanium logo Unobtanium-9.08%
Apex logo Apex-6.48%
Viacoin logo Viacoin-0.98%
Selfkey logo Selfkey-14.46%
Nectar logo Nectar-3.63%
Rock logo Rock-4.49%
Hydro logo Hydro-5.30%
Internet Node Token logo Internet Node Token-3.22%
DATA logo DATA-10.04%
Sakura Bloom logo Sakura Bloom-8.78%
Lympo logo Lympo4.82%
DAEX logo DAEX4.15%
SaluS logo SaluS-0.70%
Bitcore logo Bitcore-3.60%
Gulden logo Gulden-2.24%
MobileGo logo MobileGo4.58%
OST logo OST-6.74%
Quantum Resistant Ledger logo Quantum Resistant Ledger3.60%
APIS logo APIS-4.59%
MinexCoin logo MinexCoin-3.99%
NKN logo NKN-8.77%
Electra logo Electra-2.75%
Republic Protocol logo Republic Protocol-0.88%
Stakenet logo Stakenet-9.25%
Ternio logo Ternio4.80%
SingularDTV logo SingularDTV-1.72%
Ripio Credit Network logo Ripio Credit Network-6.64%
district0x logo district0x-4.83%
Aeon logo Aeon-1.28%
AirSwap logo AirSwap-1.59%
ION logo ION-2.61%
TokenCard logo TokenCard-4.40%
SwftCoin logo SwftCoin-7.55%
Wagerr logo Wagerr-11.19%
Counterparty logo Counterparty3.43%
Delphy logo Delphy-17.75%
ATN logo ATN-5.40%
LBRY Credits logo LBRY Credits3.44%
Mobius logo Mobius2.59%
United Traders Token logo United Traders Token-14.95%
Distributed Credit Chain logo Distributed Credit Chain-2.25%
PCHAIN logo PCHAIN-10.95%
CloakCoin logo CloakCoin-4.00%
Hydro Protocol logo Hydro Protocol-5.40%
Covesting logo Covesting-8.49%
Cryptaur logo Cryptaur-3.32%
AppCoins logo AppCoins-6.03%
LoyalCoin logo LoyalCoin-16.09%
SpankChain logo SpankChain-5.31%
BABB logo BABB-3.88%
TomoChain logo TomoChain-5.95%
Namecoin logo Namecoin-3.48%
Universa logo Universa-6.42%
NAGA logo NAGA2.49%
CPChain logo CPChain-5.95%
Wings logo Wings-2.21%
Litecoin Cash logo Litecoin Cash-10.41%
Ravencoin logo Ravencoin17.02%
CasinoCoin logo CasinoCoin0.05%
Cobinhood logo Cobinhood-17.51%
PayPie logo PayPie-20.90%
BitRent logo BitRent-0.14%
Modum logo Modum-4.39%
Zeepin logo Zeepin-6.77%
Eximchain logo Eximchain-9.13%
Mothership logo Mothership-7.84%
FuzeX logo FuzeX-7.68%
INS Ecosystem logo INS Ecosystem-14.74%
Steem Dollars logo Steem Dollars-4.27%
Tierion logo Tierion-3.83%
Feathercoin logo Feathercoin2.85%
YEE logo YEE-9.86%
Dock logo Dock-7.24%
ugChain logo ugChain0.29%
WePower logo WePower-8.35%
GINcoin logo GINcoin-6.71%
Aurora DAO logo Aurora DAO0.62%
Lunyr logo Lunyr-3.45%
Presearch logo Presearch-1.70%
0chain logo 0chain-2.98%
Stox logo Stox-3.74%
WaBi logo WaBi-9.89%
TokenClub logo TokenClub-0.33%
HempCoin logo HempCoin0.22%
Primas logo Primas-5.73%
Zebi logo Zebi-3.46% Dividend Token logo Dividend Token-15.37%
Havven logo Havven-3.66%
PACcoin logo PACcoin-17.45%
OracleChain logo OracleChain-6.54%
Experience Points logo Experience Points-1.78%
Etherparty logo Etherparty-9.96%
Phore logo Phore-5.01%
Peerplays logo Peerplays10.54%
TE-FOOD logo TE-FOOD-4.71%
Blox logo Blox-7.31%
DecentBet logo DecentBet-20.61%
YOYOW logo YOYOW-4.49%
Hive Project logo Hive Project-4.39%
TrustNote logo TrustNote-6.40%
DECENT logo DECENT-5.27%
VIBE logo VIBE-6.17%
DATx logo DATx1.04%
Maecenas logo Maecenas-4.49%
LEOcoin logo LEOcoin4.52%
Credo logo Credo-1.01%
Datum logo Datum-8.09%
Crowd Machine logo Crowd Machine-16.38%
Propy logo Propy23.77%
Banca logo Banca-5.40%
Linda logo Linda-8.79%
TaaS logo TaaS-9.03%
Melon logo Melon-3.84%
Bankex logo Bankex-1.13%
Decision Token logo Decision Token-7.15%
Synereo logo Synereo1.25%
Mercury logo Mercury-8.12%
XinFin Network logo XinFin Network-3.13%
Shift logo Shift-5.02%
Cashaa logo Cashaa-2.08%
ECC logo ECC-1.24%
Elastic logo Elastic0.96%
Blackmoon logo Blackmoon-2.13%
Sentinel logo Sentinel-7.86%
QLINK logo QLINK-8.27%
Pura logo Pura-3.65%
Humaniq logo Humaniq0.49%
BlockMason Credit Protocol logo BlockMason Credit Protocol-6.60%
Bezant logo Bezant-9.28%
Envion logo Envion1.36%
SureRemit logo SureRemit-3.74%
FirstBlood logo FirstBlood-3.91%
Bitcoin Green logo Bitcoin Green28.32%
OneRoot Network logo OneRoot Network-9.19%
LinkEye logo LinkEye-4.03%
Unikoin Gold logo Unikoin Gold-4.21% logo
BlackCoin logo BlackCoin-1.36%
Viberate logo Viberate-8.22%
Pascal Coin logo Pascal Coin-7.15%
IXT logo IXT-10.79%
MediBloc [ERC20] logo MediBloc [ERC20]-4.72%
Oyster logo Oyster-13.55%
Polybius logo Polybius-0.47%
GridCoin logo GridCoin1.14%
CEEK VR logo CEEK VR-8.17%
Boolberry logo Boolberry3.71%
Triggers logo Triggers-9.50%
MediBloc [QRC20] logo MediBloc [QRC20]-6.51%
LIFE logo LIFE15.38%
Karma logo Karma15.19%
Neumark logo Neumark1.40%
Pepe Cash logo Pepe Cash-3.77%
DeepOnion logo DeepOnion-7.24%
SHIELD logo SHIELD-4.50%
Proxeus logo Proxeus62.31%
Electrify.Asia logo Electrify.Asia-2.25%
ColossusXT logo ColossusXT0.77%
bitUSD logo bitUSD-0.37%
QunQun logo QunQun-3.80%
CashBet Coin logo CashBet Coin-5.04%
Incent logo Incent6.18%
Constellation logo Constellation-4.85%
Everex logo Everex-8.60%
Bloom logo Bloom-3.35%
BrahmaOS logo BrahmaOS-11.39%
Bitcoin Atom logo Bitcoin Atom68.06%
Zeusshield logo Zeusshield-3.03%
Numeraire logo Numeraire-1.42%
Medicalchain logo Medicalchain-6.77%
Ivy logo Ivy-24.33%
PotCoin logo PotCoin-0.68%
Swarm logo Swarm-0.48%
SpaceChain logo SpaceChain-9.73%
Moeda Loyalty Points logo Moeda Loyalty Points-3.36%
ToaCoin logo ToaCoin-16.25%
XYO Network logo XYO Network3.35%
Fortuna logo Fortuna-16.90%
Quantum logo Quantum-3.55%
Bismuth logo Bismuth-2.43%
Ormeus Coin logo Ormeus Coin-1.97%
U Network logo U Network-15.24%
Blocktix logo Blocktix11.79%
Smartlands logo Smartlands-7.48%
Russian Miner Coin logo Russian Miner Coin4.47%
SelfSell logo SelfSell-10.25%
Datawallet logo Datawallet-8.97%
COSS logo COSS-8.13%
Olympus Labs logo Olympus Labs-5.26%
RevolutionVR logo RevolutionVR-3.81%
Sentinel Protocol logo Sentinel Protocol-7.98%
Expanse logo Expanse-1.72%
Bean Cash logo Bean Cash0.89%
Neurotoken logo Neurotoken-4.38%
ProChain logo ProChain-5.33%
AurumCoin logo AurumCoin0.97%
Rialto logo Rialto-7.32%
adToken logo adToken-2.18%
Diamond logo Diamond-2.03%
STK logo STK-11.03%
Mooncoin logo Mooncoin-6.38%
SunContract logo SunContract-10.03%
XMax logo XMax-20.35%
VeriCoin logo VeriCoin-0.89%
MonetaryUnit logo MonetaryUnit-3.33%
Restart Energy MWAT logo Restart Energy MWAT-3.48%
StrongHands logo StrongHands-2.33%
Bodhi logo Bodhi-9.10%
Clams logo Clams0.55%
Trinity Network Credit logo Trinity Network Credit-5.49%
Radium logo Radium0.45%
Monetha logo Monetha-2.87%
Switcheo logo Switcheo-5.07%
AI Doctor logo AI Doctor-16.71%
Oxycoin logo Oxycoin-4.59%
CVCoin logo CVCoin-2.45%
SIBCoin logo SIBCoin-2.30%
Lamden logo Lamden-6.43%
DADI logo DADI-2.26%
Uquid Coin logo Uquid Coin2.22%
DMarket logo DMarket-0.54%
Qbao logo Qbao-8.95%
E-Dinar Coin logo E-Dinar Coin-3.83%
Refereum logo Refereum-6.58%
OAX logo OAX-3.01%
SolarCoin logo SolarCoin-0.30%
Databits logo Databits-7.73%
Alphacat logo Alphacat-8.31%
Crown logo Crown-11.89%
carVertical logo carVertical-4.00%
Matchpool logo Matchpool-6.03%
Merculet logo Merculet-11.60%
Aeron logo Aeron-6.12%
LUXCoin logo LUXCoin-8.79%
Gems  logo Gems 13.23%
Dimecoin logo Dimecoin-3.76%
Novacoin logo Novacoin15.72%
NoLimitCoin logo NoLimitCoin1.28%
NewYorkCoin logo NewYorkCoin-7.79%
Fluz Fluz logo Fluz Fluz32.19%
Nework logo Nework3.80%
Paragon logo Paragon-15.16%
LockTrip logo LockTrip-5.98%
I/O Coin logo I/O Coin-2.59%
Elixir logo Elixir-7.38%
Global Currency Reserve logo Global Currency Reserve-1.86%
Phantasma logo Phantasma-5.74%
CoinPoker logo CoinPoker-8.25%
Agrello logo Agrello-10.92%
ALQO logo ALQO2.30%
Etheroll logo Etheroll-6.17%
Chronobank logo Chronobank-14.83%
Banyan Network logo Banyan Network-8.12%
Bulwark logo Bulwark-10.68%
Omni logo Omni6.92%
Hi Mutual Society logo Hi Mutual Society-2.39%
Energo logo Energo-1.52%
Rate3 logo Rate3-0.37%
Callisto Network logo Callisto Network-2.33%
DubaiCoin logo DubaiCoin-2.34%
Measurable Data Token logo Measurable Data Token-8.47%
Remme logo Remme-6.76%
Rubycoin logo Rubycoin-3.75%
UpToken logo UpToken-5.48%
Dynamic logo Dynamic-1.63%
FlorinCoin logo FlorinCoin11.95%
AdHive logo AdHive-1.88%
HeroNode logo HeroNode-9.85%
DAOstack logo DAOstack2.05%
NeosCoin logo NeosCoin0.55%
EchoLink logo EchoLink-3.78%
Patron logo Patron3.89%
Hurify logo Hurify-4.91%
Cappasity logo Cappasity-6.14%
Faceter logo Faceter-3.66%
Myriad logo Myriad0.03%
SwissBorg logo SwissBorg-14.12%
Blockport logo Blockport-7.77%
ZrCoin logo ZrCoin-7.16%
ATMChain logo ATMChain-0.11%
Silent Notary logo Silent Notary0.70%
Hacken logo Hacken-10.16%
ALAX logo ALAX-8.54%
Effect.AI logo Effect.AI8.18%
APX logo APX-1.80%
Hexx logo Hexx-2.05%
DNotes logo DNotes-14.64%
Friendz logo Friendz-5.66%
Zap logo Zap-3.86%
Flash logo Flash-10.57%
Gambit logo Gambit8.06%
Divi logo Divi-11.16%
PolicyPal Network logo PolicyPal Network-2.10%
LoMoCoin logo LoMoCoin-4.38%
Aphelion logo Aphelion-7.38%
Sharder logo Sharder-16.45%
Rivetz logo Rivetz-4.76%
Nexium logo Nexium-0.57%
NaPoleonX logo NaPoleonX-11.65%
Mossland logo Mossland-9.18%
OKCash logo OKCash-1.70%
Nebula AI logo Nebula AI-6.65%
DeviantCoin logo DeviantCoin-21.99%
EnergiToken logo EnergiToken-3.64%
Smartshare logo Smartshare-10.48%
Musicoin logo Musicoin-1.39%
The Abyss logo The Abyss-2.36%
BetterBetting logo BetterBetting-15.47%
FoldingCoin logo FoldingCoin1.61%
REBL logo REBL-6.76%
Rise logo Rise-15.37%
Stealth logo Stealth-4.28%
PikcioChain logo PikcioChain1.30%
RED logo RED1.94%
BitTube logo BitTube-4.68%
Sequence logo Sequence-1.37%
EXRNchain logo EXRNchain-7.69%
Rentberry logo Rentberry-9.82%
Travelflex logo Travelflex11.12%
InvestFeed logo InvestFeed14.57%
Experty logo Experty-12.35%
Eroscoin logo Eroscoin-2.95%
Loki logo Loki-16.33%
indaHash logo indaHash-3.91%
GET Protocol logo GET Protocol-5.44%
Change logo Change-1.38%
Playkey logo Playkey-4.61%
BitSend logo BitSend-4.54%
Xaurum logo Xaurum-2.24%
Digitex Futures logo Digitex Futures-5.06%
Pandacoin logo Pandacoin5.06%
Graft logo Graft-16.76%
Swarm City logo Swarm City-1.18%
Curecoin logo Curecoin3.08%
aXpire logo aXpire-13.77%
Leverj logo Leverj2.78%
PolySwarm logo PolySwarm-16.71%
Origin Sport logo Origin Sport0.56%
LatiumX logo LatiumX-7.15%
Aventus logo Aventus-7.92%
Golos logo Golos-0.15%
Sprouts logo Sprouts-14.32%
BitDice logo BitDice-13.30%
Matryx logo Matryx-10.72%
DomRaider logo DomRaider-4.59%
ShipChain logo ShipChain-6.48%
Bitcrystals logo Bitcrystals-2.17%
Dotcoin logo Dotcoin-4.17%
Waves Community Token logo Waves Community Token-7.38%
Patientory logo Patientory-2.44%
CargoX logo CargoX-3.73%
Spectrecoin logo Spectrecoin0.55%
GoByte logo GoByte18.19%
Mysterium logo Mysterium3.16%
AirToken logo AirToken0.84%
AidCoin logo AidCoin-3.97%
Bounty0x logo Bounty0x-0.87%
Debitum logo Debitum-8.99%
ClearPoll logo ClearPoll-1.91%
Flixxo logo Flixxo-0.75%
Nimiq Exchange Token logo Nimiq Exchange Token2.29%
Unibright logo Unibright-13.62%
Fidelium logo Fidelium-15.52%
SRCOIN logo SRCOIN-9.22%
Everus logo Everus2.65%
MedicCoin logo MedicCoin-1.80%
IDEX Membership logo IDEX Membership0.69%
BitClave logo BitClave-4.30%
NPER logo NPER-4.33%
InsurePal logo InsurePal-6.66%
MktCoin logo MktCoin0.59%
ShareX logo ShareX-7.22%
Energycoin logo Energycoin-3.23%
PinkCoin logo PinkCoin0.32%
MaxCoin logo MaxCoin-2.70%
Bezop logo Bezop-18.80%
B2BX logo B2BX-4.52%
BitDegree logo BitDegree-9.05%
Sentinel Chain logo Sentinel Chain-11.61%
Shivom logo Shivom-6.27%
Pareto Network logo Pareto Network-4.49%
Solaris logo Solaris-3.24%
Morpheus Labs logo Morpheus Labs1.63%
Pirl logo Pirl-2.82%
EncrypGen logo EncrypGen-6.04%
Nimiq Exchange Token logo Nimiq Exchange Token-3.09%
CanYaCoin logo CanYaCoin-5.21%
Linker Coin logo Linker Coin-4.81%
Helbiz logo Helbiz-5.39%
adbank logo adbank-7.10%
TrueFlip logo TrueFlip-1.32%
JET8 logo JET8-0.72%
XPA logo XPA-5.76%
Clipper Coin logo Clipper Coin-7.78%
MUSE logo MUSE-38.13%
Zilla logo Zilla-10.40%
Snovio logo Snovio-6.85%
Dovu logo Dovu-12.89%
Ink Protocol logo Ink Protocol8.24%
WeTrust logo WeTrust-4.82%
Circuits of Value logo Circuits of Value-0.21%
Colu Local Network logo Colu Local Network-3.32%
Polis logo Polis0.56%
Hubii Network logo Hubii Network-23.59%
Lendingblock logo Lendingblock-15.71%
BitcoinZ logo BitcoinZ2.42%
Elite logo Elite2.06%
CFun logo CFun-5.66%
bitqy logo bitqy-35.69%
Astro logo Astro-6.34%
Peculium logo Peculium-5.15%
CoinFi logo CoinFi-10.55%
Mintcoin logo Mintcoin-34.04%
1World logo 1World-6.84%
Syndicate logo Syndicate0.06%
Bee Token logo Bee Token-16.12%
HEAT logo HEAT-15.60%
Devery logo Devery0.05%
LALA World logo LALA World-7.87%
Blue Protocol logo Blue Protocol6.86%
Bitcoin Plus logo Bitcoin Plus5.89%
Universal Currency logo Universal Currency29.42%
BunnyCoin logo BunnyCoin16.15%
Pesetacoin logo Pesetacoin-7.76%
Auroracoin logo Auroracoin0.26%
Privatix logo Privatix11.61%
Primalbase Token logo Primalbase Token-19.58%
Payfair logo Payfair-11.28%
Global Cryptocurrency logo Global Cryptocurrency-5.42%
REAL logo REAL-3.17%
Espers logo Espers-22.15%
Travala logo Travala-10.95%
Stipend logo Stipend9.62%
ArtByte logo ArtByte-3.39%
Ties.DB logo Ties.DB55.55%
Kore logo Kore-3.07%
Sether logo Sether-1.79%
ALIS logo ALIS-11.59%
2GIVE logo 2GIVE1.02%
Local World Forwarders logo Local World Forwarders-8.86%
Tokes logo Tokes7.78%
Sumokoin logo Sumokoin-16.19%
Opus logo Opus0.94%
CommerceBlock logo CommerceBlock-7.38%
HiCoin logo HiCoin0.71%
Anoncoin logo Anoncoin12.93%
Starta logo Starta-1.42%
Profile Utility Token logo Profile Utility Token-11.18%
Open Trading Network logo Open Trading Network-1.38%
GeoCoin logo GeoCoin1.91%
Leadcoin logo Leadcoin-2.78%
Sharechain logo Sharechain-1.31%
Internxt logo Internxt-2.45%
Masari logo Masari-5.97%
MyBit Token logo MyBit Token-17.14%
Publica logo Publica6.52%
Zippie logo Zippie-9.99%
BitStation logo BitStation-7.39%
Dether logo Dether-2.48%
TransferCoin logo TransferCoin-7.16%
Block Array logo Block Array-10.78%
Sociall logo Sociall-3.89%
GoldCoin logo GoldCoin-8.43%
Altcoin logo Altcoin-1.21%
Internet of People logo Internet of People-6.34%
Auctus logo Auctus-2.64%
Sharpe Platform Token logo Sharpe Platform Token-5.94%
Sphere logo Sphere-7.75%
Spectiv logo Spectiv-7.23%
0xBitcoin logo 0xBitcoin-6.20%
DopeCoin logo DopeCoin6.35%
Haven Protocol logo Haven Protocol-8.52%
SpreadCoin logo SpreadCoin0.68%
VeriME logo VeriME-3.09%
Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra logo Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra10.61%
HOQU logo HOQU-7.09%
EuropeCoin logo EuropeCoin2.49%
NuBits logo NuBits-1.90%
Yocoin logo Yocoin-1.08%
Indorse Token logo Indorse Token-2.12%
Cryptopay logo Cryptopay-13.30%
Hackspace Capital logo Hackspace Capital-1.11%
Bela logo Bela1.21%
Worldcore logo Worldcore2.82%
Qwark logo Qwark4.08%
Gladius Token logo Gladius Token-4.41%
FedoraCoin logo FedoraCoin-4.20%
FidentiaX logo FidentiaX-2.41%
Zephyr logo Zephyr-6.61%
Vezt logo Vezt-9.87%
Insights Network logo Insights Network-14.30%
IP Exchange logo IP Exchange-9.91%
LOCIcoin logo LOCIcoin-0.62%
ATBCoin logo ATBCoin1.89%
Breakout Stake logo Breakout Stake-4.60%
Riecoin logo Riecoin-4.55% Utility Token logo Utility Token-9.87%
Dero logo Dero8.24%
Gatcoin logo Gatcoin5.64%
Social Send logo Social Send-1.73%
Capricoin logo Capricoin-6.06%
Oyster Shell logo Oyster Shell-12.18%
eBoost logo eBoost-1.45%
Terracoin logo Terracoin-3.71%
FLIP logo FLIP-4.09%
VeriumReserve logo VeriumReserve2.97%
Thrive Token logo Thrive Token-14.08%
HelloGold logo HelloGold-10.49%
Memetic / PepeCoin logo Memetic / PepeCoin2.17%
Education Ecosystem logo Education Ecosystem-4.88%
Carboncoin logo Carboncoin8.11%
vSlice logo vSlice-8.24%
Zeitcoin logo Zeitcoin1.07%
AdShares logo AdShares-22.46%
Zoin logo Zoin-3.77%
ExclusiveCoin logo ExclusiveCoin1.09%
SportyCo logo SportyCo0.82%
HollyWoodCoin logo HollyWoodCoin-31.46%
EncryptoTel [WAVES] logo EncryptoTel [WAVES]-22.49%
Upfiring logo Upfiring11.59%
Utrum logo Utrum-0.66%
Maverick Chain logo Maverick Chain2.27%
EZToken logo EZToken-17.86%
Voise logo Voise1.98%
Rupaya logo Rupaya-13.12%
HEROcoin logo HEROcoin0.09%
FintruX Network logo FintruX Network-6.56%
HyperStake logo HyperStake9.89%
B3Coin logo B3Coin-20.29%
BioCoin logo BioCoin-3.40%
MyWish logo MyWish-6.83%
Digix Gold Token logo Digix Gold Token0.56%
Aigang logo Aigang-7.66%
Naviaddress logo Naviaddress-1.83%
CannabisCoin logo CannabisCoin5.96%
Karbo logo Karbo-7.57%
Blockpool logo Blockpool-23.62%
BiblePay logo BiblePay-8.84%
Iungo logo Iungo-7.53%
CryptoCarbon logo CryptoCarbon-18.68%
Chainium logo Chainium4.48%
Neutron logo Neutron-14.46%
Vcash logo Vcash2.38%
Vice Industry Token logo Vice Industry Token-7.69%
Bitcloud logo Bitcloud-4.12%
BlockCAT logo BlockCAT-7.09%
HunterCoin logo HunterCoin11.83%
Lampix logo Lampix-5.26%
DCORP Utility logo DCORP Utility220.68%
Aditus logo Aditus-14.83%
Sexcoin logo Sexcoin-21.34%
BlueCoin logo BlueCoin25.78%
Bob's Repair logo Bob's Repair-2.99%
Paymon logo Paymon-4.77%
KanadeCoin logo KanadeCoin12.93%
Uniform Fiscal Object logo Uniform Fiscal Object-2.48%
EverGreenCoin logo EverGreenCoin5.65%
Tokia logo Tokia-7.06%
AudioCoin logo AudioCoin-4.43%
Sugar Exchange logo Sugar Exchange-2.35%
Bonpay logo Bonpay-1.97%
Breakout logo Breakout0.70%
SyncFab logo SyncFab6.18%
LiteDoge logo LiteDoge16.41%
Forty Seven Bank logo Forty Seven Bank-2.07%
Viuly logo Viuly-8.34%
Parkgene logo Parkgene3.45%
Hush logo Hush-3.74%
Crave logo Crave1.31%
Ethbits logo Ethbits5.33%
CampusCoin logo CampusCoin-13.24%
CryptoPing logo CryptoPing2.73%
Denarius logo Denarius7.31%
BuzzCoin logo BuzzCoin-34.10%
Digitalcoin logo Digitalcoin-10.28%
GCN Coin logo GCN Coin0.11%
e-Gulden logo e-Gulden-3.63%
APR Coin logo APR Coin-16.98%
Ixcoin logo Ixcoin-5.57%
On.Live logo On.Live2.78%
Fabric Token logo Fabric Token-5.13%
Invacio logo Invacio6.99%
FundRequest logo FundRequest-11.51%
ChainCoin logo ChainCoin-7.50%
XMCT logo XMCT9.02%
BlitzPredict logo BlitzPredict-3.26%
AMLT logo AMLT-18.59%
Ergo logo Ergo-1.18%
WeAreSatoshi logo WeAreSatoshi18.40%
Bitswift logo Bitswift-3.63%
TeslaCoin logo TeslaCoin-18.85%
Bigbom logo Bigbom-14.55%
Tokenbox logo Tokenbox-2.78%
Daneel logo Daneel-4.52%
Xenon logo Xenon6.92%
RefToken logo RefToken1.26%
XGOX logo XGOX0.45%
IntenseCoin logo IntenseCoin11.39%
Ace logo Ace-2.27%
Pylon Network logo Pylon Network-2.31%
SkinCoin logo SkinCoin0.32%
eBitcoin logo eBitcoin-2.55%
Vsync logo Vsync-2.86%
BoutsPro logo BoutsPro41.42%
Coinlancer logo Coinlancer-30.06%
Galactrum logo Galactrum-5.06%
Amon logo Amon-12.70%
Condensate logo Condensate-0.21%
Verify logo Verify-7.95%
MicroMoney logo MicroMoney-11.63%
BitWhite logo BitWhite-5.56%
TrustPlus logo TrustPlus0.30%
Chronologic logo Chronologic4.56%
Magi logo Magi-2.77%
808Coin logo 808Coin-5.88%
SnowGem logo SnowGem-14.37%
FantasyGold logo FantasyGold-1.57%
DigitalPrice logo DigitalPrice-1.38%
42-coin logo 42-coin-11.46%
NobleCoin logo NobleCoin-9.62%
Creditbit logo Creditbit-5.47%
Nullex logo Nullex-9.43% logo
PlatinumBAR logo PlatinumBAR-6.64%
WandX logo WandX-4.87%
I0Coin logo I0Coin-8.41%
TokenStars logo TokenStars-19.76%
Legends Room logo Legends Room4.45%
Autonio logo Autonio-14.52%
Creativecoin logo Creativecoin-1.43%
WorldCoin logo WorldCoin4.01%
Universe logo Universe-1.63%
Miners' Reward Token logo Miners' Reward Token-6.14%
vTorrent logo vTorrent19.23%
Live Stars logo Live Stars0.33%
PHI Token logo PHI Token58.14%
PeepCoin logo PeepCoin4.29%
StarterCoin logo StarterCoin-8.51%
Obsidian logo Obsidian-1.27%
Suretly logo Suretly18.49%
Zero logo Zero-12.31%
Bitmark logo Bitmark-0.28%
Monoeci logo Monoeci-8.24%
DraftCoin logo DraftCoin-6.31%
Stellite logo Stellite-4.42%
HireMatch logo HireMatch5.75%
GoldMint logo GoldMint-7.65%
DigiPulse logo DigiPulse-13.01%
EquiTrader logo EquiTrader2.94%
PutinCoin logo PutinCoin-23.22%
VIVO logo VIVO2.52%
Tracto logo Tracto-48.91%
OP Coin logo OP Coin-8.86%
Vulcano logo Vulcano-25.53%
Sovereign Hero logo Sovereign Hero-7.89%
FujiCoin logo FujiCoin13.25%
STRAKS logo STRAKS-0.28%
Origami logo Origami17.22%
Commodity Ad Network logo Commodity Ad Network-3.11%
UnbreakableCoin logo UnbreakableCoin-0.48%
InflationCoin logo InflationCoin-0.30%
Stellar Holdings logo Stellar Holdings-27.72%
Adzcoin logo Adzcoin-7.07%
Musiconomi logo Musiconomi0.00%
Speed Mining Service logo Speed Mining Service-10.74%
TrezarCoin logo TrezarCoin-5.55%
CryCash logo CryCash-5.84%
Bitzeny logo Bitzeny-7.32%
Ellaism logo Ellaism1.74%
Unitus logo Unitus-3.00%
EtherSportz logo EtherSportz-8.70%
Tidex Token logo Tidex Token-9.72%
Signals Network logo Signals Network8.04%
Dix Asset logo Dix Asset-17.31%
Blocklancer logo Blocklancer-15.55%
Authorship logo Authorship-11.00%
More Coin logo More Coin6.82%
FirstCoin logo FirstCoin3.87%
Numus logo Numus59.86%
BriaCoin logo BriaCoin3.22%
Innova logo Innova-0.39%
MAZA logo MAZA-8.85%
Dinastycoin logo Dinastycoin-17.70%
Deutsche eMark logo Deutsche eMark-0.81%
Linx logo Linx-5.27%
DeusCoin logo DeusCoin-7.46%
Kolion logo Kolion-2.78%
Magnet logo Magnet-8.38%
Sparks logo Sparks7.45%
NetCoin logo NetCoin9.72%
Earth Token logo Earth Token-19.01%
Soma logo Soma-17.32%
Advanced Technology Coin logo Advanced Technology Coin5.59%
Intelligent Trading Foundation logo Intelligent Trading Foundation-0.44%
Ignition logo Ignition-17.69%
Shekel logo Shekel10.64%
MarteXcoin logo MarteXcoin4.62%
Onix logo Onix-2.57%
BigUp logo BigUp10.93%
bitJob logo bitJob-3.81%
Cryptonite logo Cryptonite-6.56%
FLiK logo FLiK-2.09%
Cashcoin logo Cashcoin-4.89%
Dashcoin logo Dashcoin0.90%
ZINC logo ZINC-7.46%
Renos logo Renos-30.01%
EBCH logo EBCH-32.21%
Datarius Credit logo Datarius Credit-1.69%
FundYourselfNow logo FundYourselfNow-14.78%
United Crypto Community logo United Crypto Community-1.62%
Unify logo Unify-2.87%
RouletteToken logo RouletteToken-8.70%
Happycoin logo Happycoin8.93%
TokenDesk logo TokenDesk1.86%
Startcoin logo Startcoin-0.38%
Bata logo Bata-23.21%
Biotron logo Biotron-8.75%
Digital Money Bits logo Digital Money Bits-15.26%
Growers International logo Growers International-6.91%
Equal logo Equal0.43%
SagaCoin logo SagaCoin3.62%
bitBTC logo bitBTC-1.97%
Nitro logo Nitro3.56%
LanaCoin logo LanaCoin-1.26%
WhaleCoin logo WhaleCoin-2.59%
Zetacoin logo Zetacoin4.29%
ArbitrageCT logo ArbitrageCT-0.04%
Emphy logo Emphy-12.24%
Qvolta logo Qvolta-3.20%
bitSilver logo bitSilver-11.29%
Megacoin logo Megacoin-7.94%
Mao Zedong logo Mao Zedong-0.42%
Phoenixcoin logo Phoenixcoin-3.02%
ProCurrency logo ProCurrency17.16%
Guncoin logo Guncoin9.14%
Veros logo Veros-6.83%
Bitsum logo Bitsum-30.70%
Jetcoin logo Jetcoin-12.06%
MCAP logo MCAP-8.47%
Crowdholding logo Crowdholding0.30%
Rimbit logo Rimbit2.76%
Plancoin logo Plancoin-8.55%
Transcodium logo Transcodium-10.48%
Minereum logo Minereum0.55%
Triangles logo Triangles0.00%
Centurion logo Centurion-4.91%
AdCoin logo AdCoin24.93%
Kubera Coin logo Kubera Coin-3.20%
VoteCoin logo VoteCoin-1.35%
bitGold logo bitGold-10.29%
PostCoin logo PostCoin3.15%
Cream logo Cream3.19%
Atomic Coin logo Atomic Coin-1.09%
WCOIN logo WCOIN-32.33%
GoldBlocks logo GoldBlocks16.99%
TEKcoin logo TEKcoin-3.64%
Crystal Clear  logo Crystal Clear -8.29%
EcoCoin logo EcoCoin53.69%
CrowdCoin logo CrowdCoin-1.39%
CarTaxi Token logo CarTaxi Token0.00%
CannaCoin logo CannaCoin2.17%
Litecoin Plus logo Litecoin Plus3.55%
Money logo Money87.27%
EagleCoin logo EagleCoin-12.30%
GreenMed logo GreenMed6.77%
Steneum Coin logo Steneum Coin23.86%
Bank Coin logo Bank Coin3.57%
Octoin Coin logo Octoin Coin1.49%
Garlicoin logo Garlicoin-5.64%
SecureCoin logo SecureCoin4.30%
LeaCoin logo LeaCoin-14.22%
bitEUR logo bitEUR-7.04%
Pascal Lite logo Pascal Lite-6.06%
Bitcoin Fast logo Bitcoin Fast-11.05%
X-Coin logo X-Coin-0.90%
StarCash Network logo StarCash Network-12.54%
ChanCoin logo ChanCoin-1.59%
Fujinto logo Fujinto1.77%
Solarflarecoin logo Solarflarecoin-5.79%
Desire logo Desire-12.36%
Tokugawa logo Tokugawa-9.01%
Mincoin logo Mincoin-22.96%
Eryllium logo Eryllium-10.45%
Fitrova logo Fitrova86.57%
LuckChain logo LuckChain0.00%
Master Swiscoin logo Master Swiscoin-23.23%
PayCon logo PayCon4.39%
Qbic logo Qbic-39.87%
Peerguess logo Peerguess-9.82%
Escroco logo Escroco-2.11%
SpeedCash logo SpeedCash-69.07%
MiloCoin logo MiloCoin19.86%
Luna Coin logo Luna Coin-7.39%
GeyserCoin logo GeyserCoin9.42%
Coinonat logo Coinonat1.91%
LiteBitcoin logo LiteBitcoin-29.22%
BitAsean logo BitAsean-5.76%
HarmonyCoin logo HarmonyCoin55.23%
Vault Coin logo Vault Coin-1.26%
Tristar Coin logo Tristar Coin0.00%
Lykke logo Lykke0.00%
Grid+ logo Grid+6.03%
The ChampCoin logo The ChampCoin-1.26%
Ecobit logo Ecobit-9.44%
KiloCoin logo KiloCoin0.00%
U.CASH logo U.CASH-6.22%
BitConnect logo BitConnect-0.03%
ICOS logo ICOS-8.23%
OBITS logo OBITS-13.64%
AsiaCoin logo AsiaCoin-1.26%
Target Coin logo Target Coin-1.26%
DAO.Casino logo DAO.Casino-5.76%
Pluton logo Pluton-6.94%
CHIPS logo CHIPS-10.14%
Hedge logo Hedge0.41%
Sense logo Sense-5.34%
Morpheus Network logo Morpheus Network0.00%
Goodomy logo Goodomy34.73%
Monkey Project logo Monkey Project0.00%
Shorty logo Shorty0.00%
Mercury Protocol logo Mercury Protocol-5.60%
Bullion logo Bullion-7.35%
Global Jobcoin logo Global Jobcoin0.00%
Atmos logo Atmos0.47%
E-coin logo E-coin0.00%
Quark logo Quark-1.34%
imbrex logo imbrex0.80%
Ethorse logo Ethorse-5.04%
TrakInvest logo TrakInvest-4.68%
PoSW Coin logo PoSW Coin1.16%
FlypMe logo FlypMe-4.91%
FORCE logo FORCE-1.51%
RussiaCoin logo RussiaCoin-0.58%
Starbase logo Starbase-16.93%
Fantomcoin logo Fantomcoin0.00%
Monster Byte logo Monster Byte0.00%
Version logo Version-4.77%
Hat.Exchange logo Hat.Exchange-5.61%
EventChain logo EventChain-35.32%
Argentum logo Argentum-3.75%
ConnectJob logo ConnectJob43.23%
Bytecent logo Bytecent-0.75%
KekCoin logo KekCoin-1.17%
MagicCoin logo MagicCoin-1.02%
Farad logo Farad0.00%
Orbitcoin logo Orbitcoin4.65%
Darcrus logo Darcrus-6.61%
IncaKoin logo IncaKoin-23.02%
Canada eCoin logo Canada eCoin-7.17%
ShadowCash logo ShadowCash0.00%
NuShares logo NuShares-21.00%
Etheriya logo Etheriya-8.00%
Kobocoin logo Kobocoin-1.64%
Masternodecoin logo Masternodecoin6.38%
Machinecoin logo Machinecoin-1.37%
MetalCoin logo MetalCoin-1.23%
Photon logo Photon-17.14%
Jesus Coin logo Jesus Coin85.95%
The Cypherfunks logo The Cypherfunks-23.30%
InPay logo InPay0.66%
UniCoin logo UniCoin-1.26%
Tigereum logo Tigereum-14.88%
Cazcoin logo Cazcoin1.71%
Tattoocoin (Standard Edition) logo Tattoocoin (Standard Edition)0.00%
StarCredits logo StarCredits0.00%
Abjcoin Commerce logo Abjcoin Commerce-60.16%
Moin logo Moin7.39%
Elcoin logo Elcoin-10.63%
Motocoin logo Motocoin-43.73%
SuperCoin logo SuperCoin165.72%
PetroDollar logo PetroDollar-0.60%
Manna logo Manna-8.64%
PopularCoin logo PopularCoin-34.17%
SmileyCoin logo SmileyCoin0.23%
Woodcoin logo Woodcoin0.00%
Bitdeal logo Bitdeal-6.68%
BitTokens logo BitTokens0.22%
Synergy logo Synergy0.04%
QubitCoin logo QubitCoin3.64%
InsaneCoin logo InsaneCoin-13.93%
FlutterCoin logo FlutterCoin0.00%
Fantasy Cash logo Fantasy Cash15.89%
Aerium logo Aerium-29.48%
HoboNickels logo HoboNickels6.10%
BelugaPay logo BelugaPay23.38%
Trollcoin logo Trollcoin-5.52%
BTCtalkcoin logo BTCtalkcoin-14.84%
Newbium logo Newbium0.00%
Piggycoin logo Piggycoin2.64%
TittieCoin logo TittieCoin15.02%
Oceanlab logo Oceanlab-3.89%
Halcyon logo Halcyon9.41%
Embers logo Embers-2.95%
BlockPay logo BlockPay0.00%
ZoZoCoin logo ZoZoCoin177.87%
BitBar logo BitBar0.60%
Skeincoin logo Skeincoin-1.50%
BritCoin logo BritCoin-0.19%
Truckcoin logo Truckcoin-4.91%
Wild Crypto logo Wild Crypto-10.29%
Zennies logo Zennies-27.91%
Nyancoin logo Nyancoin-3.57%
Bitstar logo Bitstar-24.46%
Elementrem logo Elementrem-1.26%
Kurrent logo Kurrent44.48%
ICO OpenLedger logo ICO OpenLedger-9.31%
Bitcoin Scrypt logo Bitcoin Scrypt-0.90%
AquariusCoin logo AquariusCoin-1.85%
Joulecoin logo Joulecoin1.39%
Bitradio logo Bitradio8.91%
Fastcoin logo Fastcoin-3.40%
iTicoin logo iTicoin-11.44%
Opal logo Opal0.00%
TagCoin logo TagCoin-1.26%
Ethereum Movie Venture logo Ethereum Movie Venture-0.43%
Ethereum Cash logo Ethereum Cash2.30%
iEthereum logo iEthereum-8.18%
Accelerator Network logo Accelerator Network57.09%
EthBet logo EthBet0.00%
Aricoin logo Aricoin-6.19%
TrumpCoin logo TrumpCoin-20.05%
Prototanium logo Prototanium-0.72%
Tigercoin logo Tigercoin-4.34%
Bit20 logo Bit20-29.46%
Evil Coin logo Evil Coin0.00%
Blakecoin logo Blakecoin-8.63%
Leviar logo Leviar0.00%
Bitz logo Bitz0.00%
GlobalBoost-Y logo GlobalBoost-Y3.90%
Bitgem logo Bitgem-5.34%
ReeCoin logo ReeCoin0.00%
Bitair logo Bitair0.00%
Bitcurrency logo Bitcurrency-1.26%
PayCoin logo PayCoin-9.36%
Sterlingcoin logo Sterlingcoin0.00%
Ultimate Secure Cash logo Ultimate Secure Cash-12.09%
HOdlcoin logo HOdlcoin-1.26%
Netko logo Netko-1.26%
IslaCoin logo IslaCoin-0.82%
IrishCoin logo IrishCoin-1.99%
SmartCoin logo SmartCoin-0.75%
Philosopher Stones logo Philosopher Stones0.00%
DaxxCoin logo DaxxCoin-15.36%
Ammo Reloaded logo Ammo Reloaded0.00%
Marscoin logo Marscoin1.51%
Rubies logo Rubies-0.92%
ChessCoin logo ChessCoin0.51%
BlazeCoin logo BlazeCoin-11.79%
Titcoin logo Titcoin-1.52%
Firecoin logo Firecoin0.00%
Gapcoin logo Gapcoin-0.79%
GlobalCoin logo GlobalCoin-1.26%
Joincoin logo Joincoin-9.48%
Zilbercoin logo Zilbercoin0.00%
WavesGo logo WavesGo6.19%
KushCoin logo KushCoin0.00%
iCoin logo iCoin-1.26%
Bitcoin Red logo Bitcoin Red-6.60%
MojoCoin logo MojoCoin-5.84%
Regalcoin logo Regalcoin-24.57%
Mineum logo Mineum0.11%
DROXNE logo DROXNE11.09%
GameUnits logo GameUnits0.00%
PlusCoin logo PlusCoin0.00%
Ratecoin logo Ratecoin-1.08%
SatoshiMadness logo SatoshiMadness0.00%
Grimcoin logo Grimcoin19.37%
Ethereum Gold logo Ethereum Gold-7.24%
PiplCoin logo PiplCoin13.37%
UltraCoin logo UltraCoin0.61%
Golfcoin logo Golfcoin-6.45%
Emerald Crypto logo Emerald Crypto-11.79%
Senderon logo Senderon0.48%
TOKYO logo TOKYO-4.79%
Scorecoin logo Scorecoin0.00%
High Voltage logo High Voltage11.91%
Signatum logo Signatum-1.26%
GlobalToken logo GlobalToken2.85%
Freicoin logo Freicoin-3.92%
Impact logo Impact0.00%
Octanox logo Octanox-1.26%
SpaceCoin logo SpaceCoin34.64%
MustangCoin logo MustangCoin-2.97%
PX logo PX0.00%
LiteBar logo LiteBar-1.65%
Pakcoin logo Pakcoin15.02%
ParallelCoin logo ParallelCoin-11.47%
PureVidz logo PureVidz6.40%
Billionaire Token logo Billionaire Token-0.07%
Cryptojacks logo Cryptojacks-14.42%
Datacoin logo Datacoin-3.18%
DigiCube logo DigiCube0.00%
Coin2.1 logo Coin2.1-3.90%
300 Token logo 300 Token-5.99%
Swing logo Swing-2.33%
Dollarcoin logo Dollarcoin-1.26%
Harvest Masternode Coin logo Harvest Masternode Coin-2.74%
Jin Coin logo Jin Coin-1.93%
BERNcash logo BERNcash-2.19%
NevaCoin logo NevaCoin0.11%
ParkByte logo ParkByte-1.26%
DigitalDevelopersFund logo DigitalDevelopersFund-29.03%
RevolverCoin logo RevolverCoin6.64%
Influxcoin logo Influxcoin1.70%
FinCoin logo FinCoin-0.27%
Acoin logo Acoin1.97%
OctoCoin logo OctoCoin-4.16%
Ccore logo Ccore-6.50%
Bitcoin 21 logo Bitcoin 21-1.26%
Darsek logo Darsek0.00%
CoinonatX logo CoinonatX-12.76%
Advanced Internet Blocks logo Advanced Internet Blocks2.54%
C-Bit logo C-Bit-1.26%
Bolivarcoin logo Bolivarcoin2.78%
8Bit logo 8Bit-5.07%
QuazarCoin logo QuazarCoin0.00%
Helleniccoin logo Helleniccoin-5.05%
Eternity logo Eternity3.72%
Safe Trade Coin logo Safe Trade Coin-17.71%
CryptoInsight logo CryptoInsight-5.76%
Coin(O) logo Coin(O)-12.87%
Quatloo logo Quatloo-3.15%
SecretCoin logo SecretCoin0.00%
Sativacoin logo Sativacoin-12.23%
BumbaCoin logo BumbaCoin-0.74%
Granite logo Granite-1.26%
TajCoin logo TajCoin-0.40%
AmsterdamCoin logo AmsterdamCoin26.09%
Debitcoin logo Debitcoin-8.34%
Zurcoin logo Zurcoin12.85%
Prime-XI logo Prime-XI8.71%
Metal Music Coin logo Metal Music Coin0.00%
Ethereum Dark logo Ethereum Dark-10.15%
Global Tour Coin logo Global Tour Coin-9.16%
RonPaulCoin logo RonPaulCoin-1.58%
Shadow Token logo Shadow Token-6.29%
RedCoin logo RedCoin-1.26%
Polcoin logo Polcoin-1.26%
Pure logo Pure0.00%
AllSafe logo AllSafe4.77%
Neuro logo Neuro-1.26%
Dalecoin logo Dalecoin3.04%
MACRON logo MACRON-1.26%
SixEleven logo SixEleven-18.53%
Quebecoin logo Quebecoin-11.64%
Crypto logo Crypto1.31%
BitQuark logo BitQuark-2.21%
BOAT logo BOAT-12.87%
Beatcoin logo Beatcoin44.46%
SOILcoin logo SOILcoin-2.50%
MindCoin logo MindCoin0.00%
Catcoin logo Catcoin-3.05%
JavaScript Token logo JavaScript Token-29.64%
Network Token logo Network Token-19.69%
BoostCoin logo BoostCoin0.00%
Dreamcoin logo Dreamcoin-16.74%
Visio logo Visio0.00%
Digital Rupees logo Digital Rupees0.00%
ExchangeN logo ExchangeN97.49%
Elysium logo Elysium-3.49%
Jewels logo Jewels0.00%
HomeBlockCoin logo HomeBlockCoin-20.48%
Eurocoin logo Eurocoin-11.46%
Bitcoin Planet logo Bitcoin Planet-11.67%
YENTEN logo YENTEN-2.22%
SoonCoin logo SoonCoin-12.87%
Nekonium logo Nekonium-2.52%
Virtacoin logo Virtacoin-16.81%
Bankcoin logo Bankcoin-5.71%
Theresa May Coin logo Theresa May Coin-20.22%
GoldPieces logo GoldPieces-12.09%
Independent Money System logo Independent Money System24.40%
Comet logo Comet-2.91%
PoSToken logo PoSToken0.00%
GuccioneCoin logo GuccioneCoin-3.72%
Roofs logo Roofs-0.86%
VapersCoin logo VapersCoin-1.26%
Allion logo Allion-12.28%
Californium logo Californium-0.61%
ICOBID logo ICOBID-13.00%
CacheCoin logo CacheCoin-3.52%
Honey logo Honey-8.19%
Trident Group logo Trident Group-24.59%
FuzzBalls logo FuzzBalls8.38%
BenjiRolls logo BenjiRolls-4.34%
Useless Ethereum Token logo Useless Ethereum Token0.00%
Veltor logo Veltor-1.26%
Creatio logo Creatio-1.26%
ImpulseCoin logo ImpulseCoin0.00%
BipCoin logo BipCoin-6.69%
CompuCoin logo CompuCoin-4.00%
Phantomx logo Phantomx-28.78%
VectorAI logo VectorAI-1.26%
Destiny logo Destiny0.00%
Virta Unique Coin logo Virta Unique Coin17.58%
SongCoin logo SongCoin-6.52%
Gold Pressed Latinum logo Gold Pressed Latinum3.68%
Litecred logo Litecred0.00%
Flaxscript logo Flaxscript-3.95%
ZetaMicron logo ZetaMicron0.00%
BitCoal logo BitCoal-9.57%
BnrtxCoin logo BnrtxCoin12.85%
Marijuanacoin logo Marijuanacoin-2.19%
PIECoin logo PIECoin-1.26%
Asiadigicoin logo Asiadigicoin-5.96%
FUNCoin logo FUNCoin0.00%
RSGPcoin logo RSGPcoin0.29%
Iconic logo Iconic4.27%
Credence Coin logo Credence Coin6.28%
Zayedcoin logo Zayedcoin0.00%
HealthyWormCoin logo HealthyWormCoin-1.15%
PLNcoin logo PLNcoin-1.26%
GeertCoin logo GeertCoin2.25%
Bowhead logo Bowhead0.00%
NodeCoin logo NodeCoin0.00%
Pioneer Coin logo Pioneer Coin15.11%
JobsCoin logo JobsCoin-1.26%
Slevin logo Slevin-1.30%
LetItRide logo LetItRide-9.48%
Cabbage logo Cabbage-6.53%
Kronecoin logo Kronecoin-4.93%
KingN Coin logo KingN Coin-1.26%
Wild Beast Block logo Wild Beast Block-1.40%
GBCGoldCoin logo GBCGoldCoin0.00%
PonziCoin logo PonziCoin-1.26%
PlayerCoin logo PlayerCoin-17.71%
ARbit logo ARbit3.68%
PosEx logo PosEx1.72%
Cannation logo Cannation-5.64%
Ebittree Coin logo Ebittree Coin0.57%
Bolenum logo Bolenum0.30%
Save and Gain logo Save and Gain-1.26%
LiteCoin Ultra logo LiteCoin Ultra-0.04%
Royal Kingdom Coin logo Royal Kingdom Coin17.03%
BowsCoin logo BowsCoin-12.87%
PRCoin logo PRCoin8.62%
Bitvolt logo Bitvolt-8.31%
AnarchistsPrime logo AnarchistsPrime24.06%
GlassCoin logo GlassCoin-0.28%
Argus logo Argus-1.39%
iBank logo iBank-1.19%
Coupecoin logo Coupecoin3.54%
SocialCoin logo SocialCoin-32.58%
Dollar Online logo Dollar Online-16.59%
Coimatic 2.0 logo Coimatic 2.0-1.26%
Interzone logo Interzone6.75%
Concoin logo Concoin1.36%
Rawcoin logo Rawcoin2.54%
Coimatic 3.0 logo Coimatic 3.0-1.79%
CrevaCoin logo CrevaCoin-1.32%
FuturXe logo FuturXe0.00%
Artex Coin logo Artex Coin46.83%
Project-X logo Project-X6.11%
Magnum logo Magnum0.00%
WomenCoin logo WomenCoin-1.26%
LevoPlus logo LevoPlus-15.36%
Ulatech logo Ulatech0.00%
POLY AI logo POLY AI46.35%
Coni logo Coni-15.78%
CK USD logo CK USD-0.78%
Project Pai logo Project Pai-10.01%
OneLedger logo OneLedger1.23%
ATMCoin logo ATMCoin16.18%
Infinity Economics logo Infinity Economics-3.48%
Bit-Z Token logo Bit-Z Token-0.32%
ZIP logo ZIP-8.98%
InvestDigital logo InvestDigital0.83%
GoNetwork logo GoNetwork-14.20%
Penta logo Penta-3.56%
RealChain logo RealChain-19.27%
DaTa eXchange logo DaTa eXchange-4.43%
Kcash logo Kcash-6.20%
Wowbit logo Wowbit8.22%
Content Neutrality Network logo Content Neutrality Network-6.25%
Seele logo Seele-13.43%
Content and AD Network logo Content and AD Network-5.19%
Hashgard logo Hashgard-8.41%
EduCoin logo EduCoin-2.21%
Libra Credit logo Libra Credit-8.59%
Super Bitcoin logo Super Bitcoin21.95%
Engagement Token logo Engagement Token-8.49%
BitMart Token logo BitMart Token-2.75%
CoinMeet logo CoinMeet-6.61%
ChatCoin logo ChatCoin-11.68%
Skrumble Network logo Skrumble Network-6.59%
OFCOIN logo OFCOIN-5.37%
Tripio logo Tripio-2.04%
Dorado logo Dorado-15.05%
LightChain logo LightChain-9.19%
Global Social Chain logo Global Social Chain-1.80%
BitcoinX logo BitcoinX6.93%
UnlimitedIP logo UnlimitedIP-10.27%
DigiFinexToken logo DigiFinexToken0.62%
Acute Angle Cloud logo Acute Angle Cloud-10.68%
Molecular Future logo Molecular Future-4.09%
0xcert logo 0xcert4.24%
Everipedia logo Everipedia-19.83%
PlayCoin logo PlayCoin-8.05%
Freyrchain logo Freyrchain-3.92%
Show logo Show-8.02%
United Bitcoin logo United Bitcoin-1.72%
Egretia logo Egretia-6.04%
Super Game Chain logo Super Game Chain-11.65%
InsurChain logo InsurChain-6.79%
Dignity logo Dignity-11.12%
Filecoin [Futures] logo Filecoin [Futures]-0.18%
Intelligent Investment Chain logo Intelligent Investment Chain-7.20%
HalalChain logo HalalChain-3.56%
VITE logo VITE-3.38%
StarChain logo StarChain13.75%
Lightning Bitcoin logo Lightning Bitcoin-2.99%
Cybereits logo Cybereits-15.35%
HashCoin logo HashCoin-7.45%
ContractNet logo ContractNet6.01%
Exchange Union logo Exchange Union4.30%
FansTime logo FansTime-0.49%
MyToken logo MyToken-17.81%
TRAXIA logo TRAXIA-5.22%
ValueChain logo ValueChain-10.87%
Cardstack logo Cardstack-7.97%
FuturoCoin logo FuturoCoin-1.21%
Saifu logo Saifu3.21%
Read logo Read-11.80%
TraDove B2BCoin logo TraDove B2BCoin-2.47%
Influence Chain logo Influence Chain-5.45%
Level Up Coin logo Level Up Coin-12.00%
Bankera logo Bankera-16.32%
Aurora logo Aurora-1.42%
TopChain logo TopChain-12.35%
Karatgold Coin logo Karatgold Coin-1.41%
WETH logo WETH-4.83%
FairGame logo FairGame-9.69%
Maggie logo Maggie-8.37%
EJOY logo EJOY-12.58%
Aidos Kuneen logo Aidos Kuneen0.81%
BeeKan logo BeeKan-6.45%
OceanChain logo OceanChain-4.70%
AWARE logo AWARE-2.72%
CarBlock logo CarBlock-7.46%
OTCBTC Token logo OTCBTC Token-10.22%
Engine logo Engine-8.42%
StockChain logo StockChain-0.97%
Vipstar Coin logo Vipstar Coin30.06%
Loopring [NEO] logo Loopring [NEO]-11.01%
Dragon Coins logo Dragon Coins-7.59%
Metronome logo Metronome-7.32%
RECORD logo RECORD19.78%
Atonomi logo Atonomi-7.32%
SalPay logo SalPay-5.84%
KEY logo KEY-7.45%
IPChain logo IPChain-10.28%
Rublix logo Rublix-12.03%
Jingtum Tech logo Jingtum Tech-1.26%
nUSD logo nUSD0.87%
Etherecash logo Etherecash-2.96%
Open Platform logo Open Platform-5.65%
Sp8de logo Sp8de18.19%
Rocket Pool logo Rocket Pool-3.71%
Monero Classic logo Monero Classic-8.22%
Bitcoin God logo Bitcoin God4.50%
Qube logo Qube-9.05%
Essentia logo Essentia-14.63%
Electronic PK Chain logo Electronic PK Chain-14.35%
DasCoin logo DasCoin-8.77%
iQuant logo iQuant2.46%
StarCoin logo StarCoin-0.24%
Pixie Coin logo Pixie Coin3.16%
Sphre AIR  logo Sphre AIR -2.62%
LikeCoin logo LikeCoin-7.73%
Scroll logo Scroll-2.99%
Couchain logo Couchain-15.08%
Consensus logo Consensus-1.78%
SEER logo SEER-0.86%
REPO logo REPO2.33%
Trittium logo Trittium-17.24%
AC3 logo AC3-4.14%
Rhenium logo Rhenium-34.08%
ClubCoin logo ClubCoin-7.43%
SegWit2x logo SegWit2x6.72%
PressOne logo PressOne-10.16%
COMSA [XEM] logo COMSA [XEM]-3.15%
COMSA [ETH] logo COMSA [ETH]-3.00%
TGAME logo TGAME-13.18%
Bodhi [ETH] logo Bodhi [ETH]-7.70%
SnipCoin logo SnipCoin-5.75%
No BS Crypto logo No BS Crypto-28.10%
Jiyo logo Jiyo-63.31%
BlockMesh logo BlockMesh-5.55%
BlockCDN logo BlockCDN-8.28%
ERC20 logo ERC20-23.12%
MSD logo MSD-1.37%
FNKOS logo FNKOS0.00%
ZenGold logo ZenGold-7.24%
CGC Token logo CGC Token-5.99%
Infinitecoin logo Infinitecoin1.12%
Aegeus logo Aegeus10.00%
Bittwatt logo Bittwatt-16.18%
GameChain System logo GameChain System-15.86%
Candy logo Candy4.35%
Fargocoin logo Fargocoin-8.21%
Monero Original logo Monero Original-5.72%
CryptopiaFeeShares logo CryptopiaFeeShares-6.93%
Pabyosi Coin (Special) logo Pabyosi Coin (Special)-1.03%
Ether Zero logo Ether Zero-14.74%
Hyper Pay logo Hyper Pay-9.00%
ACChain logo ACChain113.63%
EmberCoin logo EmberCoin-10.27%
Lendroid Support Token logo Lendroid Support Token1.08%
Internet of Things logo Internet of Things-1.26%
President Johnson logo President Johnson-1.52%
First Bitcoin Capital logo First Bitcoin Capital-1.73%
TeslaCoilCoin logo TeslaCoilCoin-1.27%
President Trump logo President Trump0.05%
Golos Gold logo Golos Gold-0.65%
WA Space logo WA Space-0.06%
Decentralized Machine Learning logo Decentralized Machine Learning-19.38%
Swisscoin logo Swisscoin-4.93%
ORS Group logo ORS Group2.34%
DWS logo DWS-63.08%
Powercoin logo Powercoin14.66%
Royalties logo Royalties11.94%
EDRCoin logo EDRCoin-2.49%
MarxCoin logo MarxCoin-17.31%
SJWCoin logo SJWCoin-21.00%
Cropcoin logo Cropcoin-12.10%
Qurito logo Qurito-27.72%
Arbitracoin logo Arbitracoin-17.69%
Budbo logo Budbo2.92%
TerraNova logo TerraNova-2.27%
W3Coin logo W3Coin6.93%
ERA logo ERA-23.04%
CryptCoin logo CryptCoin0.00%
Alphabit logo Alphabit-1.36%
CORION logo CORION-6.66%
UniversalRoyalCoin logo UniversalRoyalCoin-21.37%
Smoke logo Smoke-9.31%
MIRQ logo MIRQ-13.51%
Animation Vision Cash logo Animation Vision Cash-7.84%
Protean logo Protean2.66%
EtherDelta Token logo EtherDelta Token-6.26%
Slothcoin logo Slothcoin-3.94%
Hero logo Hero10.88%
Halloween Coin logo Halloween Coin-1.26%
CoffeeCoin logo CoffeeCoin-19.77%
GOLD Reward Token logo GOLD Reward Token-26.14%
BT2 [CST] logo BT2 [CST]5.20%
RabbitCoin logo RabbitCoin44.68%
Regacoin logo Regacoin-34.17%
Cycling Coin logo Cycling Coin0.00%
BigONE Token logo BigONE Token-17.49%
BitSoar logo BitSoar-2.61%
X2 logo X20.00%
Francs logo Francs7.45%
Animecoin logo Animecoin4.24%
Indicoin logo Indicoin-1.23%
DynamicCoin logo DynamicCoin19.79%
Magnetcoin logo Magnetcoin0.00%
XTD Coin logo XTD Coin-1.26%
NamoCoin logo NamoCoin-1.26%
GrandCoin logo GrandCoin-1.26%
Minex logo Minex-3.27%
Tellurion logo Tellurion22.00%
ZSEcoin logo ZSEcoin-4.94%
Rupee logo Rupee15.22%
Pirate Blocks logo Pirate Blocks0.00%
Sakuracoin logo Sakuracoin-1.26%
Aces logo Aces-34.17%
Qora logo Qora0.00%
Superior Coin logo Superior Coin-11.47%
SHACoin logo SHACoin-1.26%
UNCoin logo UNCoin0.00%
Wi Coin logo Wi Coin-1.26%
EncryptoTel [ETH] logo EncryptoTel [ETH]-17.01%
First Bitcoin logo First Bitcoin-12.29%
UR logo UR18.49%
BTCMoon logo BTCMoon-27.72%
KlondikeCoin logo KlondikeCoin-0.52%
Bastonet logo Bastonet0.00%
Storjcoin X logo Storjcoin X0.26%
Madcoin logo Madcoin0.00%
Operand logo Operand0.00%
Cubits logo Cubits-21.00%
SIGMAcoin logo SIGMAcoin-5.76%
Cyder logo Cyder-7.43%
LinkedCoin logo LinkedCoin0.00%
Cloud logo Cloud6.02%
PokeCoin logo PokeCoin0.00%
LePen logo LePen-1.11%
BitSerial logo BitSerial-3.62%
TodayCoin logo TodayCoin0.00%
ShellCoin logo ShellCoin-6.24%
CryptoWorldX Token logo CryptoWorldX Token0.00%
Dutch Coin logo Dutch Coin-1.26%
SONO logo SONO0.00%
T-coin logo T-coin97.49%
SportsCoin logo SportsCoin0.00%
Ethereum Lite logo Ethereum Lite-6.32%
Donationcoin logo Donationcoin-1.26%
Avoncoin logo Avoncoin-1.26%
HODL Bucks logo HODL Bucks-3.63%
EA Coin logo EA Coin-1.26%
Antimatter logo Antimatter97.49%
STEX logo STEX-3.37%
KashhCoin logo KashhCoin0.00%
Huncoin logo Huncoin0.00%
BestChain logo BestChain0.00%
GoldMaxCoin logo GoldMaxCoin39.85%
Levocoin logo Levocoin-1.26%
Fazzcoin logo Fazzcoin0.00%
BetaCoin logo BetaCoin-6.19%
TopCoin logo TopCoin-8.86%
Primulon logo Primulon0.11%
Cheapcoin logo Cheapcoin0.00%
LandCoin logo LandCoin0.00%
Shopin logo Shopin0.00%
NEO GOLD logo NEO GOLD-17.69%
Aseancoin logo Aseancoin-3.08%
Quotient logo Quotient15.83%
RichCoin logo RichCoin-1.26%
Axiom logo Axiom-1.26%
India Coin logo India Coin0.00%
Hyper logo Hyper-1.26%
eREAL logo eREAL0.00%
SuperNET logo SuperNET-3.97%
Runners logo Runners-1.26%
Farstcoin logo Farstcoin0.00%
Omicron logo Omicron-1.37%
AvatarCoin logo AvatarCoin-1.26%
Akuya Coin logo Akuya Coin-1.26%
EggCoin logo EggCoin-1.26%
High Gain logo High Gain-34.17%
Sharkcoin logo Sharkcoin-1.26%
Bubble logo Bubble-1.26%
Rcoin logo Rcoin-1.26%
Wink logo Wink-1.26%
PROUD Money logo PROUD Money-1.86%
UGAIN logo UGAIN-1.38%
BlazerCoin logo BlazerCoin0.01%
Tattoocoin (Limited Edition) logo Tattoocoin (Limited Edition)-0.05%
TurboCoin logo TurboCoin0.00%
Birds logo Birds0.35%
FAPcoin logo FAPcoin0.00%
Bitbase logo Bitbase0.00%
PlexCoin logo PlexCoin0.00%
StrikeBitClub logo StrikeBitClub0.00%
PrismChain logo PrismChain0.00%
BioBar logo BioBar0.00%
Bitok logo Bitok0.00%
SISA logo SISA0.00%
ENTCash logo ENTCash0.00%
NumusCash logo NumusCash0.00%
Curriculum Vitae logo Curriculum Vitae0.00%
FCoin Token logo FCoin Token0.00%