CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

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Name % 24h
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Bitcoin logo Bitcoin0.12%
Ethereum logo Ethereum3.66%
Ripple logo Ripple4.42%
Bitcoin Cash logo Bitcoin Cash3.15%
Litecoin logo Litecoin4.37%
Cardano logo Cardano0.21%
NEO logo NEO3.20%
Stellar logo Stellar2.50%
EOS logo EOS2.15%
Dash logo Dash1.98%
IOTA logo IOTA7.27%
Monero logo Monero-2.19%
NEM logo NEM2.08%
Ethereum Classic logo Ethereum Classic9.30%
VeChain logo VeChain6.53%
TRON logo TRON2.62%
Lisk logo Lisk3.90%
Tether logo Tether0.30%
Bitcoin Gold logo Bitcoin Gold3.87%
Qtum logo Qtum2.58%
OmiseGO logo OmiseGO2.86%
Nano logo Nano36.29%
ICON logo ICON3.36%
Zcash logo Zcash2.53%
Binance Coin logo Binance Coin4.62%
Steem logo Steem1.33%
Bytecoin logo Bytecoin2.08%
Verge logo Verge1.12%
Populous logo Populous5.07%
Dogecoin logo Dogecoin3.89%
Stratis logo Stratis2.53%
Siacoin logo Siacoin0.66%
RChain logo RChain0.22%
Waves logo Waves0.63%
DigixDAO logo DigixDAO4.26%
Status logo Status1.83%
Maker logo Maker4.36%
BitShares logo BitShares2.17%
Aeternity logo Aeternity0.48%
Waltonchain logo Waltonchain2.67%
Decred logo Decred2.76%
0x logo 0x6.66%
Augur logo Augur0.84%
Electroneum logo Electroneum0.77%
ZClassic logo ZClassic-4.99%
Hshare logo Hshare2.19%
Veritaseum logo Veritaseum-7.14%
Ardor logo Ardor4.40%
Revain logo Revain0.23%
Komodo logo Komodo-0.45%
KuCoin Shares logo KuCoin Shares8.13%
Ark logo Ark3.59%
Gas logo Gas1.31%
Zilliqa logo Zilliqa4.09%
Basic Attention Token logo Basic Attention Token2.92%
Dragonchain logo Dragonchain14.43%
Loopring logo Loopring3.95%
Bytom logo Bytom3.76%
DigiByte logo DigiByte0.91%
Cryptonex logo Cryptonex1.56%
Syscoin logo Syscoin6.46%
MonaCoin logo MonaCoin4.27%
Polymath logo Polymath7.72%
Dent logo Dent5.46%
aelf logo aelf-1.22%
QASH logo QASH1.22%
PIVX logo PIVX3.19%
Nebulas logo Nebulas3.14%
Kyber Network logo Kyber Network0.66%
ReddCoin logo ReddCoin12.18%
Golem logo Golem-1.49%
Dentacoin logo Dentacoin-3.94%
Aion logo Aion1.49%
Bitcore logo Bitcore0.73%
Byteball Bytes logo Byteball Bytes2.93%
Ethos logo Ethos3.70%
GXShares logo GXShares1.47%
IOStoken logo IOStoken0.60%
Factom logo Factom-1.26%
FunFair logo FunFair8.79%
ChainLink logo ChainLink5.60%
Power Ledger logo Power Ledger1.16%
ZCoin logo ZCoin4.04%
Kin logo Kin-1.43%
Cindicator logo Cindicator4.02%
Particl logo Particl14.43%
Nxt logo Nxt4.25%
Pillar logo Pillar-0.25%
SALT logo SALT0.82%
Request Network logo Request Network2.10%
Bancor logo Bancor3.21%
Enigma logo Enigma6.29%
SmartCash logo SmartCash3.98%
MaidSafeCoin logo MaidSafeCoin0.13%
Neblio logo Neblio4.19%
Vertcoin logo Vertcoin6.03%
Emercoin logo Emercoin-4.77%
TenX logo TenX0.95%
GameCredits logo GameCredits1.72%
Ignis logo Ignis2.17%